The Pool Hall That's Got It All!
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Premier Billiards opened its’ doors in December of 1994 in a plaza located on the corner of Wiles Rd. and University Drive in Coral Springs. It was originally owned by Dennis Patron and Wayne Kroetz.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, crab races were held on Thursday nights. Part of the event’s popularity stemmed from the chance to win $100 that was hidden inside one of 10 envelopes that the winning crab’s sponsor got to choose from.

With 18 pool tables, patrons were able to rack ’em up for $5 per person per hour, a tradition which continues at the same rate, 20 years later in 2014.

When Bubba`s Backyard, another local sports bar and entertainment venue shut down, many of the laid off staff became the new “crew” at Premier Billiards. Michael Kane was one of them too and took on the position of General Manager in 1995.  When he did this, he insisted on a remodel of an area that held more pool tables than were needed for daily operation. Eight pool tables were removed to make room for a new lower bar area manned by Kane. A DJ booth was also constructed in the corner of the room.  Before you knew it, the place was “hopping” with more patrons than ever before. DJ Tommy Rocker worked the booth every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Token night was moved from Wednesday to Thursday night and let patrons get 2-for-1 on drinks and 10 cent chicken wings, making the place popular with both little leagues and anyone who wanted an inexpensive night out in Coral Springs.  According to Kane, stacks of beer cases were used to separate the bar area from the pool tables and the beer didn’t have to move very far whenever the bars ran out, which was quite often.

A small grill prepared typical bar fare such as burgers, chicken wings, Philly cheese-steak sandwiches and fries.  When new smoking laws went into effect in 2000 prohibiting restaurants from allowing smoking indoors, the booths at Premier were removed to make room for gaming and arcade style machines including soft dart boards.  With the sales of Alcohol far exceeding food, the kitchen remained open and the venue stayed on as a “smoking allowed” place of business attracting anyone who wanted to come in for a drink and a smoke.  Buzztime trivia kept patrons occupied at the bar if they weren’t watching the latest game on one of 20 TV’s or playing pool or darts.

Premier was sold in 1999 to Rick Koehler before being sold to its’ current owners, brothers Tim, Michael and Jerry Kane in the summer of 2007.

Today, Premier Billiards still alternates between being a pool hall with 15 refurbished billiard tables that are kept in tip-top tournament shape and a weekend nightspot with Ladies Night and DJ spinning requests on Thursdays followed by bands every Friday and Saturday nights. Unlike most other bars around town, all bands are introduced and accompanied by DJ Stefan in between sets.  You’ll never hear a band say “Turn off the Jukebox!” The stage at Premier is much larger than any other sports bar in South Florida, making it the envy of most local bands and a great place to catch a decent rock cover band any weekend year round. That’s one reason why DJ Stefan refers to the venue as  “The pool hall that’s got it all!”